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Representative Rafael Anchía is an advocate for climate action and environmental justice. Following Winter Storm Uri in 2021, which left 70% of Texans without power or water due to power grid failure, Representative Anchía advocated for suffering communities. Despite the power grid crisis, energy companies raked in an estimated $11 billion in profits. As a Member of the House Committee on State Affairs, Anchía worked on legislation to redesign the Texas electricity market in response to Winter Storm Uri. He added language to Senate Bill 1699 to create residential demand response goals, helping Texans reduce their peak electricity use and lower their utility bills. He also added amendments to Senate Bill 2627 to ensure taxpayers receive a rate of return on state loans provided to power companies for building new generation facilities. Additionally, he advocated for West Dallas communities that have been disproportionately impacted by poor air quality from nearby manufacturing facilities alongside residents and the City of Dallas Environmental Commission. He also led efforts to secure state funding for Dallas parks. Representative Rafael Anchía promotes a sustainable and just future by supporting science-driven policies and championing legislation to mitigate the impacts of climate change to protect our communities for generations to come.

Voting Rights

Representative Anchía has consistently fought to protect and expand Texans’ right to vote. Anchía has been vocal against restrictive voting laws and supports measures that expand voter registration and early voting opportunities. His stance includes protecting minority voting rights, combating voter suppression, and promoting transparency in the electoral process. He led the House Floor debate against photo ID legislation that passed in 2011, as this legislation has the potential to disenfranchise minorities, the elderly, and women in the State of Texas. As the Chair of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus, the largest Latino Caucus in the country, he led fights in the House and in the courts against racially gerrymandered maps. In 2021, Representative Anchía gained widespread attention for his informative history lesson about the importance of protecting and expanding access to the ballot box. Representative Anchia has consistently filed legislation to protect voting rights and expand voting access.


Throughout his tenure, Representative Anchía has been a dedicated advocate for quality education and believes in providing equitable educational opportunities for all students regardless of socioeconomic background. Representative Anchía has focused on improving public education including raising teacher pay, increasing funding for our public schools, expanding college and career access, and reducing reliance on a single standardized test to determine performance. Additionally, after years of advocating for a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for retired teachers, the Legislature finally called for a public vote on Proposition 9, the constitutional amendment authorizing the 88th Legislature to provide financial support to our valued Texas retired school workers. Furthermore, he is an outspoken opponent of taking public money from our public schools to subsidize private and religious schools. During the 88th Regular and Fourth-called Legislative Sessions, he voted against repeated attempts to advance voucher schemes.

As a son of a public school teacher and the product of a public education, father of two daughters who attended public schools in Dallas, and a former Dallas isd school board member, Representative Anchía understands that providing quality public education is an investment in our children. He believes that the state must prioritize the need for well-funded public schools, teacher retention, teacher pay, and support for our retired teachers. His efforts are geared towards creating an inclusive education system that empowers all students and community members.

Public Safety

Representative Anchía is committed to enhancing public safety through comprehensive and community-focused strategies. He supports programs aimed at reducing crime through preventive measures, such as improved access to mental health services, educational opportunities, and economic development initiatives that address the root causes of crime. In October 2022, a violent offender on parole by the State of Texas murdered two healthcare workers at Methodist Hospital. Representative Anchía took swift action and successfully passed legislation to make cutting off an ankle monitor a crime. This new law will protect Texans and increase the accountability of individuals under parole. Representative Anchía aims to honor those who risk their lives to protect our community. On January 2023, he presented a resolution to our Dallas Police Department Chief, Edgardo “Eddie” Garcia, to honor the work he has done to keep our communities safe. Under Chief Garcia’s leadership, Dallas has seen crime reduction, better supported troops, and the implementation of innovative policies and procedures that build community trust. Additionally, Representative Anchía passed a Resolution commemorating the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) to highlight their dedicated work in ensuring public servants across Texas have financial security in their retirement. This creates a bond of trust between law enforcement and community members, promoting a safe environment. Anchía’s approach to public safety creates proactive community engagement and reform, aiming to create safer and more resilient communities across Texas.


Representative Rafael Anchía is a dedicated advocate for affordable and accessible healthcare for all Texans. He advocates for expanding Medicaid to cover more low-income individuals and families, believing that everyone should have access to necessary medical services regardless of their financial situation. In February 2023, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD School Health Advisory Council met in response to an awful tragedy: the loss of three R. L. Turner High School students from fentanyl overdoses. During the Legislative Session, Anchía supported House Bill 362, which aimed to decriminalize fentanyl test strips. Despite bipartisan support for this commonsense measure, the bill failed to pass. Anchía also passed a bill to protect hospital workers from acts of violence. The enactment of Senate Bill 840, known as the Pokuaa and Flowers Act, gives healthcare workers stronger legal protection against violence. These measures allowed us to honor Dallas’ fallen neighbors and increase protections for healthcare workers throughout Texas. His approach to healthcare emphasizes prevention and the well-being of all Texans.

Human Rights

Representative Rafael Anchía has dedicated his legislative career to promoting equality, justice, and dignity for all individuals. He is committed to protecting the rights of marginalized and vulnerable communities by consistently supporting legislation that aims to eliminate discrimination, enhance civil liberties, and ensure equal protection under the law. During the 88th Legislature, he passed House Bill 1455, which allows exonerees to add family members as dependents on their health plans. As of January 2023, the Tim Cole Act he passed in 2009 has facilitated compensation for 130 individuals wrongfully imprisoned by Texas. This represents progress towards further compensation for one’s violation of freedom. Additionally, Anchía worked with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office and law enforcement across Texas to pass bills tackling financial crimes, improving our court system, and increasing the statute of limitations for possession of child pornography. As a Member of the House LGBTQ Caucus and a representative of the Gayborhood in Dallas, he proactively files legislation to protect the rights of our most targeted neighbors. Representative Anchía’s dedication to human rights extends to his efforts to address systemic injustices and promote rehabilitation.

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