Rep. Anchia Appointed to NCSL Labor & Economic Development Committee


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October 3, 2016


Rep. Anchia Appointed to NCSL Labor & Economic Development Committee


DALLAS – Texas State Representative Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) has been appointed as Vice-Chair of the National Conference of States Legislature’s (NCSL) Labor and Economic Development Committee by NCSL President and Iowa Senator Mike Gronstal.


The Labor and Economic Development Committee is one of eight standing committees of the NCSL. The Committee covers state and federal issues related to labor, employment, workforce, economic development, international trade and cultural affairs. The Committee educates Congress and federal agencies about state concerns related to federal actions that impact the states, based on policy positions adopted by the states through the NCSL’s policy process. In addition, the Committee serves as a forum for legislators and legislative staff to learn about and share information about policy options being considered in states.


“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on this prestigious committee alongside my colleagues from other state legislatures,” said Rep. Anchia. “As Chair of the Texas House Committee on International Trade and Intergovernmental Relations, I am eager to work with them on issues that will have a direct impact on the citizens of Texas.”


“We are pleased to have Rep. Anchia’s expertise on the NCSL’s Labor and Economic Development Committee,“ added Senator Gronstal. “Rep. Anchia’s participation in the NCSL over the years has been a key part of the organization’s success.”


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